How to Have a Good Day – Caroline Webb

howtohaveagooddayYou know those books where you find yourself dog-earing every page to ensure you come back, because there is so much valuable information? Caroline Webb’s How to Have a Good Day is quite possibly one of the only books you’ll ever need to read on practical ways to enhance your productivity, relationships, strategy making, and energy with simple, doable tips based on behavioral science studies.

Sound like a bore to you? Trust me, it’s not. Webb writes in a personal and honest way, sharing her own methods and anecdotes, and she includes stories from all kinds of workplaces and universities. Every time I had a doubt or thought, yeah, come on, but what about…she addressed the objections head-on in an authentic, anticipatory way. Plus, Webb writes about the science in a way that even I as a layperson can grasp and teach others. (I talked nonstop about this book on a recent beach trip to friends and surprisingly, they were interested!)

Even if you’ve read many books on productivity before, this book will introduce you to some theories you haven’t encountered before. For me, the sections on prioritizing and giving a “positive no” were new and immensely useful. Also, don’t skip the Appendix; Webb fills it with even more hands-on tips for “how to be good at email” (something I do all day every day!), “how to be good at meetings,” and “how to reinvigorate your routine.”

Each chapter is constructed thoughtfully, so you can digest bits at a time. At the conclusion of each chapter, Webb repeats the top points with simple, applicable questions. I’ll be pinning these up around my office very likely. Especially the parts about dealing thoughtfully and wisely with difficult personalities and strategies for keeping your energy up at the end of the day!

Ways to use this book:

  • This book would make for a strong plan to significantly improve your work life and enjoyment at work over the course of a few months or year, by trying each new strategy at a time and building one upon the other. I gulped it down in about three days, as a I usually do when I’m enthralled in a book, but I’ll be revisiting its gems repeatedly and bringing it into my office for quick reference.
  • This book is a great read for either someone just entering a career field or a seasoned person who’s in a rut. As a fairly new career person, this book is going to make me better than ever before when interacting with people and trying to bring my best self to work. I loved Webb’s message of actually enjoying work!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. I didn’t have to post a positive review, though. I did so because this book is excellent! Five stars.


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