susie by a lake in norwayHi there. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Susie, a writer who loves the written and spoken word. My day job is creating online courses as an instructional designer for a university in North Carolina, which is great fun and involves lots of learning. I’m 1000% in love with my husband David, and we’ll probably be newlyweds forever. We have a squirrel-sized dog, a precious daughter, and our home is a constantly-revolving door of visiting friends and family.

Writing-wise, I’m experimenting with different genres, ranging from science fiction to children’s fiction to Christian fiction and more. Feel free to explore my site to see what I’m writing now, books I’m excited to review, and thoughts on life and writing.

Growing up in the South, I appreciate a well-told yarn. Stories told around the dinner table and at barbecues inspired me to become a raconteur myself. My fascination with language led to me to go through a sesquipedalian and prolix phase, then back to conversational and plain-spoken, and now I’m somewhere in the middle! My goal is to write stories that make you wonder.

Please leave a comment. I love to know who’s visited!

I’ll keep you posted as I read voraciously and seek to honor God with my words.

God bless!