Announcing “Cayo & Patch,” a comic book for pre-readers and read-aloud

I’m delighted to share with you a new story! Davey Morgan, consummate maker in media like photography, illustration, storytelling, music, and more, invited me to assist in a light edit of his brand-new comic for kids, Cayo & Patch!

cayo and patch cover. fox atop a smiling t-rex.

This story is wonderful as a read-aloud. If you’re parenting a young one like me (my daughter is 3), this is a terrific story to read together.

It’s also an excellent story for pre-readers who want to turn the pages themselves. Why is this such a great story for pre-readers? Davey’s artwork primarily tells the story; the narration and captions have a supporting role. Some of the words will probably be a little beyond their usual level (think words like “anomalies”), so little ones will have the chance to expand their vocabulary and ask you questions!

BONUS! The storybook has coloring pages so your little one can let their imagination fly along with Cayo and Patch.

Here’s the gist:

Cayo, a talented t-rex space pilot, and his sidekick robot fox named Patch, experience the dangers of space on their first official mission together. Will asteroids, space bandits, and anomalies prevent them from getting to the moons of Elindor so they can help Princess Taffy?

Davey and I talked for hours about the message of the story and the delivery within frames. Through Cayo and Patch’s adventure, we crafted the language to share a meaningful lesson, evoke excitement, and be as succinct as possible.

Can’t wait to explore our copy over and over with little Susan!

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Find more of Davey’s great stories and artwork at


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