Favorite Books and Quiz

HOW have I NOT written a post on my favorite books yet? Astounding. In light of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend (aka READING TIME), I decided to reflect on some favorite books.

Telling someone about a favorite book is like reminiscing on a pleasant childhood memory. You feel the characters are old friends, even if you knew them and they didn’t know you. You get excited to tell other people about the plot, and if they happen to have read the same book, you are shocked and thrilled.

I realized this as I was browsing a Reddit thread one day. The topic was practically a game. The goal was to describe the plot and why you love this book, but NOT to mention the author name or title! Thousands of people jumped in, eager to share their love of their favorite story and guess at what books others were describing.


Guess the Book!

In the same fashion, can you guess my favorite books below? (You’ll have to go to the actual site, not just the email summary of this post, to participate in the game! Click on the title of the blog post to go directly there!)

[mlw_quizmaster quiz=1]


Top Guessers

How did you do compared to others? See the leader board below!

[mlw_quizmaster_leaderboard mlw_quiz=1]


One thought on “Favorite Books and Quiz

  1. Tanara McCauley says:

    Hey Susie! Great quiz! I actually guessed on all of them except the last one. I haven’t read any of those novels. Some of them sound good, though. Which ones were your favorites? It didn’t tell me which ones were correct so I’m not sure. It was fun :-).


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