priorities and pumpkin spiced latte

Faithful readers, as usual I’ve put everything else ahead of my writing! Thank you to those of you who kept in touch and said, “HEY! WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?! WHAT TREMENDOUS WRITING STRIDES HAVE BEEN MADE RECENTLY?!” To which I sheepishly replied,


erm. not much.


Here’s what’s up:

work, writing, wedding planning, and bridal bootcamp – not necessarily in that order.


What does one do when one is overloaded?




People Who Really Love Pumpkins

Thankfully it’s that blissful time of year when pumpkin spice mania takes over coffeeshops, enlivening ye olde cup of joe with a dash of just-sweet-enough calabaza.

I’m conducting an amateur research study in which I taste-test the bountiful pumpkin brews and compare flavors.

Hypothesis: Pumpkin coffee is especially delicious with spices.


  1. Starbucks – Pumpkin Spiced Latte – AMAZING! The spices atop the whipped cream island awaken fall feelings of family, fireplaces and autumn leaves.
  2. Panera – Pumpkin Spiced Latte – 2nd AMAZING
  3. Wired Goat (Chapin, SC) – more creamy, as though the whip was already mixed in…perhaps it was?
  4. Sheetz – Pumpkin Pie Latte – phenomenal
  5. McDonald’s – Pumpkin Latte – PITIFUL. San spices, this coffee was like a faintly orange cup of burned water.

Survey size: One. Only me so far, but yall are welcome to weigh in! Do you like pumpkin-flavored coffee? What’s your favorite place for this fall treat?


In some ways, I approach my reading as I do my coffee. There are seasons for science fiction, for romances, for nonfiction, for mysteries…

Furthermore, trying something in the same vein (pumpkin flavoring = favorite genre) by different creators (baristas = authors) can help you hone your sensibilities of your favorite.

Because there’s a broad spectrum out there. If you say, “Oh! J’adore romances!” There’s a vast difference between the bodice-rippers and Amish love stories. Sci-fi has an equally variable range.

So for now, I’m focusing back on my priorities (writing! wedding planning! working out! work!) and honing my pumpkin coffee tastebuds.