home again home again, jiggity-jig!

There’s something about flying back into a familiar airport that helps me breathe easier. Of course, that might just be me setting down the heavy bag of books and sucking in non-recycled air.

Mom and I arrived back into Charlotte this evening as we returned home from our first ACFW conference and our first venture to Indianapolis. I’m just now stepping into my apartment.

Photo of me and Mom at dinner

so glad Mom could come too!


I opened my car door, gritting my teeth and preparing to see ants climbing over the seats or scratches on the paint. There were none. I opened the door to my apartment, expecting a wave of trapped heat or fruit flies. There were none. I opened my tiny mailbox – ok, there was some there.

But before I open the reminders of car payments and new magazines, before I unpack the 40 books I brought home (No, seriously, 40. I lugged 40 Christian fiction books back in a sturdy canvas bag on the airplane, all the while grinning wickedly like Blackbeard returned from a successful pillaging with a chest full of glittering loot. I am officially a book glutton), before I unpack and begin laundry and set out clothes for work and catch up on emails and restock my fridge with groceries and organize business cards and sort bills and more…

I took home way too many books

books, glorious books!

Let me just thank Jesus. This conference lifted my spirits, gave shape to my writing dreams, connected me with Christian people who feel compelled to write as I do (Isaiah’s desperate urge to prophesy comes to mind). I am so blessed to have met them. It’s much the same feeling as returning from a mission trip, where you feel on top of the mountain, as they say.

The trick is to maintain that inspirational glow. For me, I’m challenging myself to stay in contact with my newfound writing sisters and brothers, to rewrite my manuscript based on the Chicago Manual of Style and excellent feedback (more on the details of that later), read and review this treasure trove of books, and above all, to spend time in the Word with my Father.

Love to you all – I’m home safely.


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