If You’re a Reader, Then You Understand

Found this terrific article on Buzzfeed (such a guilty pleasure) today, and some of you fellow readers may join with me in commiserating on the pains of being interrupted while reading, having someone spoil an ending of a book (or a SERIES, heaven forbid!), and other such tetchy issues.

Currently I’m taking a short break after the completion of my first draft manuscript to catch up on some reading. Gotta keep learning from other authors so when I go back to rewriting, I’ll have some fresh ideas.

I’m happily nearing the end of George R.R. Martin’s fifth book in his Game of Thrones saga, and it’s been a long thousand pages. After that I’ve got a queue: Rama II, the sequel in the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke, sci-fi guru.  I’m reading Clarke’s book mainly for preparation when I start writing a sci-fi book (*insert geeky squeal of joy here! can’t wait!*).  Second, I’ll be finishing up Dorothea Brande’s “On Becoming a Writer.”  I’ve been teasing this one out, soaking up the nuggets of wisdom rather than gulping it down as I’m wont to do.  A veritable stack of paper and digital books stand waiting to be prioritized after those two: a land more kind than home (Wiley Cash), The Making of a Christian Bestseller (Ann Byle), Word Painting (Rebecca McClanahan), Horn Island Dream (Wes Dannreuther), Dust (Hugh Howey) and Shift (Hugh Howey), The Resolution for Women (Priscilla Shirer), The First Science Fiction Megapack (multiple authors), Red Dawn Rising (Sue Duffy) and The Sound of Red Returning (Sue Duffy).

Not necessarily in that order. But my brother and I are taking a cross-country road trip soon, so I hope to make a large dent in this delicious feast of lit. Will have reviews for you soon!



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